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 lvl 99 Knight skill build made by Katsumato

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PostSubject: lvl 99 Knight skill build made by Katsumato   Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:22 am
my skil build (=
about Intellect it give you more damage if u say i have no good unig items or realms u can change it u can give to str or endurance

Katsumato......99 lvl knight
Heatmachine 99 lvl archer first belgium and Turkey
dont QQ tibo i love u to(;
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PostSubject: Re: lvl 99 Knight skill build made by Katsumato   Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:46 pm

Hi, n my opinion u can change it a bit.
In aftershock i think with 2 points (or 3 if u use divine protection) is enough coz u only get a debuff of -6 of prismatic dmg with it at 5 and its useless i think because u dont use skills on pvp vs casters and anyway all have got so hard skillblock. And i think the same with Intimidating blow. Knight sucks with skills xD
You can put one point on Spirit Snap and with your +1´s you will get some elem resist with an only skill point, and if you want u can take some of Resistance buff, u will lose a bit of elem damage but it don´t works with critikals so i think is np ^^
Why u have 5 points in intelect? i think it doesn´t give nothing to meele classes if u want more mana as far as i know u need Wisdom, not Intelligence.
With this points u can put at 5 your Sprint and your Power surge. this is the build of my lvl 92 knight, i have some aoes coz i need to get some lvls >.< with more skill poins and with 3 aoes less i think it´ll be nice Smile i have 80% elem resist without suit and selfbuffed without blodes, with blodes u can put spirit shield at lvl 1.
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lvl 99 Knight skill build made by Katsumato
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