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 Pve Knight skillung l

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Pve Knight skillung l Empty
PostSubject: Pve Knight skillung l   Pve Knight skillung l EmptySun Sep 19, 2010 3:37 am

Ähm ja hey (:
Here i wanna show my skillbuilt or what i think is good for knight!
I wanna fast lvl, so i go on two handed sword.
Up 2 20 u can choose wep by yourself!
so ;
Some would ask why Endurance?
Knights need life and lvl 1 Endurance is enough the higher lvls dont bring so much more hp, just lvl 1^^
so now u must skill 2 handed sword and swing shot
my knight is 32 @ moment but i think i know what i should skill!

so and whan im higher more (:
i hope i could help u!

whan someone think my skillbuilt isn´t god or have and idea to make it better
pls post it as answer (:

Thx all Very Happy
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Pve Knight skillung l
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